Monday, August 17, 2009

Anne of Green Gables clips

a post about obsession

I was just thinkin' about Anne and dreaming of visiting PEI again. I made my first trip there in 2000. Someday I'll go back with a digital camera. ;D For now, I just dream. And Monday is a good day to dream!

If there could POSSIBLY be a good "Anne of Green Gables" music video, this one would be it:

Ok, the following song just CRACKS ME UP! (Need a Monday laugh!?!) Apparently there's an Anne & Gilbert Musical (to be distinguished from the Anne of Green Gables: The Musical - which I did see when I was in Charlottetown.) At any rate, someone posted this song "Gilbert Loves Anne of Green Gables" with picture clips from the movie and stage productions. I find it to be completely hysterical.

(Ok, I'm going to try to get the laughter under control to move on with this post!)


Jonathan Crombie (Gilbert) admits that Anne Of Green Gables - The Continuing Story is not based on any book written by Lucy Maud Montgomery. And this, dear people, is why this particular movie should NEVER. be. watched!

Here's a cheesy travel post card from me to you:

The video clips accurately portray the Island's beauty but I'd encourage you to visit An Island Sparrow to get a better idea of how people the Island, and the people on it, are!

Did you know there was an animated series? No, I've never seen it. I don't think I could quite bear it. If you watch this clip, you'll find out why:

(Although being a promised a life full of smiles does have its appeal!)

Here is a better theme...much more calm and peaceful!

By the way, you can purchase the Anne of Green Gables Soundtrack on Amazon and it's every bit wonderful. I highly recommend it. For a long time I could almost quote the diologue over the music. (I really like the first two movies, ok?)

Of course, we must conclude with something good. Probably one of the few and only fictional romance stories I approve of. ;D


Lastly, the quote of the day from the Anne of Green Gables Treasury of Days:

". . . an August afternoon, with blue hazes scarfing the harvest slopes, little
winds whispering elfishly in the poplars, and a dancing splendour of red poppies
outflaming against the dark coppice of young first in a corner of the cherry
orchard. . . "
(I have no idea which story that is from. I only know it's an incredibly long run on sentence that is beautiful to me.)

In answer to the question that has been posed to me a few times - YES, YOU BET - I AM hosting the Lucy Maud Montgomery Reading Challenge again in January. So pick your books and get yourself set up to launch into 2010 in an imaginative and fun way.


Queen of Carrots said...

Yes, I will never watch that third one. I'm not even sure I can bear to watch the second one again, with the way they mishmashed three books together and left out all the best characters. (No Mr. Hamilton! No Davy and Dora!)

Becky said...

The third one *is* awful. I hate that they gave Rilla's story to Anne (finding the war baby). It is Anne and Gilbert's sons that go off to World War I not Gilbert.

That being said, thanks for sharing the clips.

Liz said...

I soooo love Anne. I am at work and don't have time to look at all the videos, so I'll have to come back later. I recognize the scene for the last one, though. My FAVORITE scene ever when Anne says... "I just want you." And then they kiss, and they're together... and finally all is right with the world.

Stephanie Kay said...

Sigh... Ok, now I totally want to go read the books and watch the movies and NOT do laundry, cut up raw chicken, change stinky diapers, or any of the other unromantic tasks I need to do today!

Stephanie said...

I may need an Anne fix my next slow moment. :) Have you ever watched the Jane of Lantern Hill movie or the Emily of New Moon tv series? I've seen Jane, but not Emily. And one day ... I will own the Avonlea series that Disney channel ran some time ago. I can't wait to watch those with my girls. :)

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

I don't have time to watch the videos now, either, but I have to say two things right now:

1. My friends and I used to be in LOVE with Jonathan Crombie. Actually, we were in love with Gilbert, but you know. .

2. I used to be able to quote almost the whole movie, too. I haven't been able to do that in a while because it has been too long since I've watched them.

Okay, three things:

3. I had Anne's Theme played at y wedding (the one from the movie). Beautiful! Then, a honeymoon on PEI--perfection!

Barbara H. said...

I haven't had time to watch all the clips, but I totally agree about the third movie. The book about their third year of marriage was one of my favorites and I was so upset that it was totally rewritten.

I had no idea Anne had been made into a musical and a cartoon.

Mirlandra said...

The people I stayed with in Kuwait were from P.E.I - rather nice folks. The stories they shared sounded very much like LMM.

tmu said...

makes me want to go back and watch it all again.

Belle said...

Thank you for this Anne fix. Loved the clips - makes me want to watch the Anne of Green Gables again (the first one, never saw the sequels). And of course, reread all the books! I recently reread Rilla of Ingleside and cried like crazy. And Emily! I loved Emily so much - I WAS Emily in my heart!

Anonymous said...

Anne of Green Gables falls into my mother's favorite books of all time. She loved reading them and made me watch all the movies. It's her dream to go visit Prince Edward Island and when she gets around to it, I hope to join her. This was a lovely post that brought back so many memories for me.

Bethanie said...

These videos were awesome and hilarious (and awful.)!!! :) I had no iead about the musical either! I am getting back into these books since Steve just bought be the first season of Road to Avonlea. :) I am excited about the January challenge thingy!

Annette W. said...

I occasionally look to see if any Anne pops up with our Direct TV. A while back I saw Anne would be I obviously recorded it.

AND I saw that the animated series was there I recorded it.

It is currently on. (My first episode...only half through.) It doesn't follow the books storyline, but it isn't awful. I didn't watch the clip you had in the post though to see how it would compare.

I won't be looking to see all of them, but don't mind it either. Gilbert and Anne are buddies, babysitting together in this I said, doesn't follow the books.

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