Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bella (Giveaway)

You might recognize her as Lettice, because that is how this little bunny originally appeared in UK. However, Tiger Tales is reintroducing this adorable little rabbit to the U.S. population with a new name: Bella. Personally, I favor the Americanization of this bunny rabbit as I think Bella is a softer name. (And not to be confused with the Twilight series AT ALL, thankyouverymuch!)

Bella was born in the mind of Mandy Stanley, who originally trained for a career in the fashion industry creating baby wear. Now that I'm aware of that, I can see her love of children and babies in the way that she has illustrated this little rabbit.

Now, you all know that I do not have a little girl of my own to read these to, but I'm hanging onto them anyway with a hope. =D Why!? These books are adorable. Fanciful. Magical. Endearing. (And therefore subject to a great many italics in the description of them!)

I opened up a box from Tiger Tales Publishers and inside I found Bella: The Birthday Party. Before I had even opened up the cover of the book, my heart was sold! There is something about the pink gingham and the sparkling fairy dress that Bella is wearing. I knew I was going to LOVE it! And I was right.

In Bella: The Birthday Party I met Bella who lives with her family 'high up on top of a hill.'

"Every day was the same, until one summer afternoon . . ."

Bella meets a little girl who is chasing a balloon. It is the girl's birthday and she invites Bella to join in the party. Bella has a wonderful time playing with the children but soon it starts to rain. The little girl begins to cry, believing her party to be ruined. This is when Bella comes in and saves the day by taking the children to a "beautiful secret spot" that is a magical looking place. The children feast on cake and Bella is heralded as having saved the day! Bella is sent back home with a bag of treats to share with her family and a bunny balloon all for herself.

Could this book possibly BE any cuter? I think not.

Next up I discovered Bella: The Fairy Ball. Do you know what my little Anne of Green Gables heart did then!? (Thump, thump, thump!!)

"Nibble, nibble. Hop, hop. Every day was the same, until one summer afternoon . . ."

Bella is making a daisy chain when she feels the sharp tug of a fairy on the other end. Off she goes to spend some time with fairies. The fairies like Bella and sprinkle golden fairy dust on her to make her tiny, just like them. She has a delightful day with the fairies and then is sent home again with the gift of one wish that they promise will come true. What is Bella's wish? Well, you'll just have to read the books to find out!

I think these books are awesome and adorable. (Insert: gush, gush, gush!) I like Bella. I like Bella a lot.

Someone needs to loan me a little girl to read to and play with for a bit, me thinks!

In the meantime, the best I can do is offer a giveaway to one of you (assuming you have a girl, or know of one) that you would like to share these with. Tiger Tales has very generously offered a set of these two books to one Reading to Know reader. All you have to do is leave a comment below. This contest will be open through Thursday, July 8th. It is open to U.S. Residents only.


Best fairy wishes to you!

Hopping off,


ibeeeg said...

These books look fabulous! I wish I would have known about them before my 4-year old daughter's birthday. Oh well...will keep them on a list for a future gifting for her.

In the meantime, I can hope that win this generous giveaway, and I then I will not have to think of a gifting time. :)


Stephanie Kay said...

I have an almost 4 year old girlie I would loan to you for play dates if it wasn't so far from my house to yours. I'm sure she would like these books as she is VERY imaginative and likes bunnies.

Annette W. said...

Absolutely adorable!!! I'd love to win these!

Christi said...

My 4yr old would be over the moon for these. Somehow, even with 3 older brothers, she is a super girly-girl. Well, kind of, she can often be found digging in the dirt wearing her princess dress; is that still girly-girl?

Z-Kids said...

Adorable! Thanks for the chance to win them!

skkorman said...

My granddaughter would love these books—please enter me to win!

skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net

elizabeth said...

We are so pleased to provide the books for this give-away and thrilled to see so many of you love Bella as much as we do! Thanks to Carrie for her wonderful blog and glowing praise. We invite you all to become fans of tiger tales on facebook. You can find us here:
Happy Reading!
Elizabeth Bennett
tiger tales

Happy Birthday Author said...

Sound like great books. My daughter would love them!

Heather VanTimmeren said...

These are cute books! I've already given a set of them as a gift, and I certainly wouldn't mind doing the same with another set, since my daughter is just a little old for them.

Beth said...

These book look so cute. I'd love to win them for my daughter.

Jeff said...

I would love to get these for my neice! I hope to win! Thanks for the giveaway!

jeffintennessee at gmail dot com

Carrie said...

My daugher BELLA would just love to win these books!!

Anonymous said...

My daughter has been wanting some new books to read over summer vacation. I hope I win these for her. She would love it!


apple blossom said...

I'd share with my nieces. Thanks

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Julie said...

First, you can take your pick of any 3 of my gorgeous grandbebe girls, only I'd have to come with you, or their moms would have HUGE tantrums! They love Gigi Read to Me Storytime and these books would be awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!

Julie @ Knitting and Sundries

Megan said...

I would love to read these with my daughter!!

We posted about your giveaway at Winning Readings.


Gidget Girl Reading said...

we love Lettuce books so these would be wonderful!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to have these for my daughter. they look so cute. thank you

Linda Kish said...

These would be terrific for my DIL's niece.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

Katie said...

Would love to add these to my collection!

Sarah M. said...

Oh, I want I want!!! I know my daughter would love these books. Hoping I win, but if not these are going our library list ASAP.

Anonymous said...

We have read the Lettus books from the library and love the bunny. She is so girly!
Thanks for another fun giveaway-
Jen N

artandjen at juno dot com

Katrina said...

I would love to win for my daughter, she loves books

ykatrina at hotmail dot com

AStarrA said...

These look so sweet, sure my daughter would enjoy them. Thanks for the chance

Bridget R. Wilson said...

What cute books! Bunnies, fairies, and parties? I love it. Thanks for offering the giveaway.


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