Friday, September 03, 2010

Friday Five

It's Friday! And it's been a fun week around here. I hope you all have had fun and I've managed to pull of a few surprises. =) If you are coming here from FFF then let me catch you up to speed -

Tomorrow is my birthday AND we're celebrating the arrival of a new little one in our family (who will be arriving next spring!) In honor and in celebration of the two things, I've been hosting quite a few book-related giveaways. Scroll through just this week's posts and I think you might find one or two things you like.

As for the five things I am thankful for:

1. Morning sickness (which has really been all day sickness.) It comes and goes in waves. The first time I was pregnant, I hated being pregnant and feeling sick. (I enjoyed the baby, yes, but the sickness? No thanks.) But after having had a miscarriage and having gone through a lengthy adoption process - a few weeks/couple of months of feeling woozy doesn't seem that bad! (It's all about perspective, I guess?) And I get the fact that being pregnant is a tremendous blessing. And I KNOW what's coming at the end of it and that just makes it all worth it!

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Ps. 139:14 (NIV)

2. I am thankful for three children. And I could offer a lot of commentary on this but I'll leave it at this song:

Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him. Ps. 127:3

3. I am thankful for a husband who is equally as excited about this baby as I am and is taking care of so much "stuff" that I am unable to do right now. This includes watching the kids all morning before he goes to work so that I can somehow swallow breakfast while sitting in front of the computer!

4. I am thankful for Bookworm1 who seems to have instantly grasped the fact that "Mommy has a baby in her tummy" and takes such polite care of mommy when she's feeling bad and daddy is at work. He is especially helpful when it comes to eating the "snacks" that "the baby didn't like."

Bookworm1 comes tripping downstairs from his nap and spies uneaten food next to Mommy.

Bookworm1: "Did the baby not like this?
Mommy: "Nope. It didn't."
Bookworm1: "What did it say to you?"
Mommy: "It said - OH, DON"T EAT THAT!"
Bookworm1: "Can I eat it?"

But then, on the other hand, when he sees Mommy eating something the conversation goes like this:

Bookworm1: "Oh, does the baby want you to eat that?"
Mommy: "Yes, the baby likes this."
Bookworm1: "Oh, then you better eat it!!!"

Amen, little brother, amen!

#5 - I am grateful for friends and family who have expressed their excitement for us. This is also not something that we take for granted and since we're over-the-moon ourselves, we find ourselves with a whole lot to celebrate this week!

Hope you all find yourselves preparing to enjoy a fantastic weekend!



Anonymous said...

Where have I been!? I didn't realize you were pregnant. Congratulations! I am very jealous...not very Christian, but true, I'm afraid!

Carrie said...

That's ok. It can be hard, I know. Thanks for your congratulations alongside your honesty. =D Your comment is awesome!

Barbara H. said...

Perspective does help a lot! I'm afraid I did a lot of internal whining with morning sickness. Thankfully it doesn't last long.

Love those cute conversations with Bookworm 1 and the grasp he has of what's going on!

Hope you have a great birthday tomorrow!

Kari said...

morning sickness (all day sickness) is never fun, but what's at the end of it all makes it worthwhile.
Congratulations. Children are a blessing.

Stephanie Kay said...

I know all day sickness all too well! I'm so excited for you and hoping God sends a little pink into your very BLUE world. Hmm... maybe 2 pinks would be good? ;D

Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

Congrats Carrie!!

Carrie said...

SMB - HAHHAA! No objections here but I don't think I'm sick enough to suspect more than one on the inside.

Lisa notes... said...

Congratulations! Wow! That is very exciting news. And Happy Birthday, too!

Hazel said...

"Can I eat it?" awww... cute cute cute! :) Happy birthday!

Jerralea said...

Congrats on the baby and your birthday. (Everyone's having birthdays around here ...)

Perspective does make all the difference. I also had all day sickness during my pregnancies, but since I struggled with infertility, it was a small price to pay to have a healthy baby.

Blessings to you, and in my experience, a lot of morning sickness meant GIRL babies!


Congrats on the pregnancy! I was an all day, every day of pregnancy sickness person. Hyperemesis, PICC lines for fluids and meds, and home health care was no fun...but the end result was so worth it.

LOVED reading your list and watching the videos.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving me the nice comment.

Sky said...

What a sweetie that oldest bookworm is! I have been praying.... again and again! Thinking of you everyday.
Have a beautiful weekend!

Gattina said...

That's so cute of your bookworm to take good care of you and watches over baby's food, lol ! I am becoming a grandma in November fortunately my DIL hasn't been sick but she is very tired and sleeps (when she can) 15 h !! It's their first and she is already 36, but she is fine.

Carrie said...

Gattina - I would sleep for 15 hours if I could. =)

Jerralea - No complaints is good. =)

ibeeeg said...

Such great news Carrie! I wish you the best throughout your pregnancy, and birth, and after...

While you are blessed, and perspective does does not negate the fact that morning sickness still can be hard to manage especially with little ones underfoot. I hope that it will not last long for you.


Brenda said...

I know what you mean about morning sickness. I had it so bad I was hospitalized for fluids (I couldn't keep anything down) but after the first time, I didn't mind so much because I realized what I got after all the sickness.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Unknown said...

What a fun Friday Five.

I love that Steven Curtis Chapman song.

momma24 said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful blessing. Have you tried peppermints for the nausea? That helped me.

Jientje said...

Congratulations on both on your pregnancy AND your birthday! You're blessed! Have a great weekend!

Susanne said...

Happy Birthday and Congratulations, Carrie! That is very exciting news! Hopefully you'll be past the morning sickness very quickly and you can totally enjoy the rest of the pregnancy!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

This was so much fun to read -- so exciting! Hope the morning sickness passes soon.

Take care of yourself, and enjoy being pregnant! Have a great week.

Ronnica said...

Congrats! (Your comment about morning sickness via email surprised me...I SO need to be better about reading your blog in a timely fashion.) Children are definitely a blessing and worth it!

Amy DM said...

Congratulations! I must have missed something somewhere. So nice to see good attitudes toward pregnancy.

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